Ilan Ramon Day School
27400 Canwood Drive, Agoura Hills, Ca

Spring Break Camp Registration is now OPEN!

Key things to know before you enroll!
This year enrollment is again automated. You will not be printing out
an application or mailing it in. We will receive it online.

1. If you are attending Friday April 7th, we are offering a free "bring a friend day"! Please know the following information: friend's name, Tshirt size, parent's name and email address.

2. This year, camp tuition may be paid by credit card or check.
We do not accept American Express.

3. There are no makeup days for absences or for days missed.

4. Should you withdraw from our spring break program prior to April 1st, you will receive a full refund. After April 1st, there will be NO refunds - NO exceptions.


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